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Hi, my name is Annie J Ryan, and I’m an author with a ridiculous passion for the coast of Western Australia. I have persisted in loving this wild, stunning and sometimes challenging coast despite: several near drownings, being cast adrift on a dodgy windsurfer headed for Africa, and being involved in what can only be described as real-life boating catastrophes (think of gargantuan seas far away from civilisation). The coastal environment, like any simultaneously errant and divine child, has not only staked a claim deep across the landscape of my heart but has become my breath. Most of my novels are set on or near the coast.

I have one published novel, Ripple.

I write contemporary women’s fiction where my characters meet interesting people and have exceptional experiences.

I have three other novels at various stages of completion. I try to write every day except if I’m distracted.

I have a cat that hangs around, moans and leaves. I’m an aunty to numerous family pets and children.

My ambition is to be discovered as the next hot rock star but I suspect it might go the same way as my wish to have a pony.

I’ve been fortunate to spend many years in innovative education. I’ve also messed about with boats and fishing.

When not writing, I read, laze at the beach, ride my bicycle, watch movies, and share meals with my family and friends. Whenever I get into a flap about the inexorable list of tasks still not done, I head for a walk in the direction of a cafe. I love eating and making lists. Four of my favourite foods: mangoes, avocados, fish, and dark chocolate. I love photography and since WA is such a spectacular subject, a number of photos of coastal WA feature on this site. I’m a Western Australian author who spends time between the pleasant environs of Perth and country WA.

I look forward to sharing books, life, and writing with you. Also tea, chocolate and wine.

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Official Biography

Annie J Ryan grew up in the suburbs of Perth. She worked as a caretaker of equipment at University while studying. It came as no surprise to her that she was a spectacularly unsuccessful bookkeeper. Thankfully, she hadn’t chosen that as her career. For a number of years, she was a managing director of a company. She’s taught, consulted and lectured in education.

Presently, she’s involved in innovative education. She writes continuously. Other things she’s written include; poetry for weddings, stories for her children, and short stories, even when no one actually asked her to.

Some of her spare time is spent outside enjoying the enormous Western Australian Coast. She is particularly partial to all of the delicious coastal cafes. On holidays, she flies away to experience other places and heavenly food along the wild Australian shore. She adores her family, laughing with friends, reading, sleeping, cycling, learning, eating, and being creative.

She writes commercial fiction and is the author of one book, Ripple. She has written but not as yet published, three other novels.

She lives in Perth with her grown up children.

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