Writing Days For Life throws you Lemons

Yes, some writing days are sneaky and full of sabotage, like a lemon. Sometimes they’re just sour and you don’t have the energy for making lemonade. You tipped your half full, half empty glass all over the quilt, and well it just rolls like that sometimes.

4.35am -Alarm primed for early rise. Every smart writer knows early is best, well, for most of us. This author loves writing in the morning but it’s been a long cold winter and…Swipe, Snooze.

6.00am -Eyes blink rapidly and then widen! 6! AM. WHAT?? It’s too late for writing before work. Check FB, check responses to FB blogs. Think about writing a media page. Think about lots of impressive blogs. Mmmmm. Time for tea and fruit. Kids sleeping.

6.30am– Lots of stretching while tea stews.

7.00am Check blogs. Oh she liked that blog. Oh and they liked it too. Hang on, 32 people liked that blog. Whoops. Time whooshing. Bananas scarfed.

7.15am Run like crazy around lake park because it’s too late to walk around it! Only get half lake done. Clutch at erratic heartbeat on way back to house.

7.35am -2 minute shower. 5 minutes of make up. Random clothes. Oh more people liked that post? Distraction WARNING! DANGER!

7.55am -Be a snap getting to work at 8.10am. Check diary. What? A meeting scheduled FOR 8.00am! Kids still sleeping- late uni lectures. Unfair.

8.10am – 5pm work. Try sliding in. Traffic was deplorable. There’s no traffic on your way to work. It’s all heading the other way. Your boss knows this. Squinty eyes.

5pm – 6pm– Light pre-meal. Starving. Lie on sofa to read FB or book or anything really. Kids are studying at Uni. No they’re not. They’re on FB too. Send smart messages. Apparently they are studying. It’s how they do it. Okay. Read blogs about writing, reading, the new-don’t eat this- do eat that- buzz, self –discipline. As if.

6pm- 7pm Should fit in second walk. Keep reading one million memes and snort laughing at the one about the …

7pm– Short walk.

7.30pm – Dinner? Salad and yesterday’s noodles. Fish is definitely off! Re- set alarm. Will so get up tomorrow! Will definitely prepare a schedule to plan out my writing days. Right after this show.

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