A place to write

Not at your desk

1. Strangely, you will rarely find me at my desk. Why? Like many authors, I’m still half asleep in bed when my writing needs to flow. I didn’t know that Truman Capote and James Joyce wrote lying down! I write sitting up and very early. This hallowed place is where my unburdened mind is at it’s most creative.


A View

2. E. B. White, Charlotte’s Web, favoured a small desk facing the wonders of nature.  Jane Austen wrote by a window also, at a small desk. My desk faces a picture board with words and drawings from my children.



3. Despite the large desk I also love the openness and warmth of the family dinner table. Maybe that same feeling is why authors, like Arthur Miller and Jack Kerouac, have enjoyed writing in hotels, where there is a sense of bonhomie and liveliness.


Unusual Choice

4. Agatha Christie wrote in her bath whilst munching apples. Can’t say I’ve tried that and I think my spiral bound would get soaked.



5. We’re fortunate to have libraries where many writers, myself included, sequester themselves in a quiet room for long writing sessions. If you don’t love complete silence then libraries allow for other configurations.


Anywhere at all

Access to the internet has been a game changer for writers who no longer have to remain stuck inside with shelves of reference books, weighty typewriters and thick notebooks. Cafes and beaches abound with device carrying writers enjoying the outside.

Co-working spaces have suddenly proliferated all around the city and suburbs, and I’ve seen online advertisements calling for participants to write collectively. For example, my writing association has a night where you can go and sit with others in a building (there are tables, chairs and beverages) and simply write. The co-working spaces encourage a sense of community often lacking when writers or workers stay behind closed doors, and this is why these spaces have become popular. Pop-up work spaces are also taking that sense of community and shared journey to new and adventurous locations. The advent of social media has meant that people can both advertise and find other writing spaces, and I think that future is exciting.

Where is one place you enjoy to write or read?


 You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a clubJack London

Annie J Ryan place to write

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