About Me

I grew up in the suburbs of WA and have worked as a teacher and as a consultant. I have a deep love of the ocean and I've always lived near the wild coast of WA. Some of my time has been spent playing around on boats.
For a while, my family and I lived in a town close to the Abrolhos Islands. This led to some unique sea voyages where dinghies lost their moorings and drifted into shark-infested waters with my young children onboard. I'm the proud mother of those two children, who made it to become adults! I'm an aunt to numerous four-legged fur babies and their owners.
When I'm not buried at my desk writing, I can be found either cycling, walking, swimming, or daydreaming. I divide my time between my coastal home and the city (and spend far too long at cafes with my friends).
I love writing contemporary uplifting women’s fiction full of grit, fun, love, courage, and suspense. I write about small towns because that's where I've lived. 
I love chatting especially to readers, so feel free to contact me through email, my newsletter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Hi there.

Just in case you needed to see my bicycle. This is Mustang Sally, one of the loves of my life. Like to join in the conversation, have fun and say hi? Sign up to my newsletter. Seriously, I don't write too many.