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Whether you’ve come because of the chardonnay or because a family member bribed you, welcome!

Sorry, they lied about the chardonnay.

Annie J Ryan, writer

At a ridiculous pre-dawn hour, my fingers will either be poised to strike a keyboard or slung around a pen, ready for the magic.


I don’t know but I’ve become captivated by it. I used to ride, and when I told my cycling buddies that now I’m writing, they thought I had a speech defect because they said, ‘Yeah, we know you’re riding.’

The pink and purple light, the silence, the float of fresh morning air, and a tea cooling on the bedside table, you’ve got to admit, is a good beginning.

I write to meet interesting people, be taken to astonishing places and experience remarkable adventures. Once a character has impaled me, they don’t let me go till they’ve finished their story, and they always add a few twists I wasn’t expecting. I know it’s time to get out and talk to REAL friends when I hear, ‘So, Annie J Ryan, you think your neat little story is going this way? Think again.’

My protagonists are regular women, complete with flaws and interesting life circumstances. Is there romance? Yes, but there’s also; drama, tragedy, friendship, family, mistakes, adventure and a little mystery.

Sound like your life?

Find out about my first novel and where to find a copy.

I’m an Australian author who writes under the pen name of Annie J Ryan

I love:

1.     My children, but they broke out of home to travel to exotic places. I’ll join them once I figure out where they are.

2.     Being with family and friends, usually over food, drinks, or on walks with four-footed friends. It always ends up with food.

3.     Reading books and writing stories.

4.     Possibilities, but I try to narrow them down otherwise I’d get nothing done.

5.     Learning. I’ve sought the guidance of excellent mentors and writing course presenters for over seven years and counting.


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