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Annie J Ryan

A Summer of Second Chances PAPERBACK

A Summer of Second Chances PAPERBACK

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Her life was perfectly fine until that day at the beach.


Within one afternoon, everything falls apart for Mel Wilson. The college calls it restructuring, but she knows she’s lost far more than a job.

There are so many things she'd do differently now, but the one thing she'd never change is what she did at the beach that evening.

She flicks through the paper in her mother's kitchen while her children sleep in, blissfully unaware of the changes about to come crashing into their lives.

Only one glimmer of an opportunity presents itself, but it comes with an enormous risk and she doesn't trust herself anymore.

Starting over isn’t on her to-do list.


Slip into a world where the ebbs and flows of the ocean are just as unpredictable as Mel’s life…

Escape with a relatable, uplifting read about friends, romance, secrets, and family life.

A perfect fit for fans of Milly Johnson, Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes, and Kay Correll.

PAPERBACK by Annie J Ryan, A Summer of Second Chances

Paperback  354 pages
Dimensions 6 x 0.875 x 9 inches 152 x 22.23 x 229 mm
ISBN 9781922683069
Publication Date December 2016
Publisher Annie J Ryan


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