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Annie J Ryan

A Summer of Second Chances, The Arrival, Silent Waters (EBOOK BUNDLE)

A Summer of Second Chances, The Arrival, Silent Waters (EBOOK BUNDLE)

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EBOOK BUNDLE: A Summer of Second Chances, The Arrival, Silent Waters, All 3 EBOOKS.

EBook: A Summer of Second Chances

Her life was perfectly fine until that day at the beach. 

Within one afternoon, everything falls apart for Mel Wilson. The college calls it restructuring, but she knows she’s lost far more than a job.

There are so many things she'd do differently now, but the one thing she'd never change is what she did at the beach that evening.

She flicks through the paper in her mother's kitchen while her children sleep in, blissfully unaware of the changes about to come crashing into their lives.

Only one glimmer of an opportunity presents itself, but it comes with an enormous risk and she doesn't trust herself anymore.

Starting over isn’t on her to-do list.

Slip into a world where the ebbs and flows of the ocean are just as unpredictable as Mel’s life…

Escape with a relatable, uplifting read about friends, romance, secrets, and family life.


EBook: The Arrival

She spends every Christmas Eve alone… except this one.

Why is he here?

What starts as a simple evening becomes a frantic search for the family of the person left at Gem’s house. With help from her tree surgeon, she races to uncover the mystery surrounding the stranger.

But until he trusts her, his welfare is at stake. Complicating matters is that her heart swings the longer she’s around him, and making any decision is hard when she can’t work out who’s telling the truth.

Amidst secrets and lies, they slowly unravel the stranger's puzzle until a surprising revelation about her past comes to light.

Is she prepared to risk everything, including her heart, to uncover the truth?

The Arrival is an unputdownable emotional read about love, secrets, letting go, and discovering what it means to be a family.

EBook: Silent Waters

Ricky thinks her life is close to perfect.

Ricky Woods traded covert security operations for the quiet life of a private investigator in the heart of Whitesand Bay. But when Gemma Brompton vanishes, Ricky’s sudden plunge into a web of secrets and lies makes her question everything she thought she knew about her hometown.

On Gemma’s trail overseas, Ricky reels under fresh revelations concerning her own family’s hidden past. Peeling back the layers of her life leads to unexpected ventures with people she never even knew existed.

Amidst the chaos of the complex investigation and with her personal and romantic life in turmoil, Ricky has to confront the shadows that linger in the quiet corners of Whitesand Bay.

When Gemma’s friend materialises and exposes the depth of the deception surrounding Gemma’s decisions, Ricky turns to a very special secret ops friend to help her out.

With her heart on the line, Ricky has more than one major decision to make, but who does she believe?

If you love engaging contemporary women’s fiction with romantic suspense and action thrown in, you’re going to want to dive into the waters around Whitesand Bay with Ricky. Put this one on your beach read list.



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A Summer of Second Chances
Mel would have drifted in the warm gloop for longer but for the bright strip of daylight across her face. Still trapped in the thick syrup of sleep, she struggled to open her eyes, but when she did they widened in alarm. Saliva tingled on her chin and an ache pulsed across her neck and shoulder. Flat against the hot glass, her cheek raged with sunburn. And there was blood on her shirt. Had she fallen asleep?
Her eyes locked onto the moony head filling the window. The car rocked as the door handle was gripped and lifted.
'Jesus Mel, what happened?' His eyes hovered right above her face after she'd let him in. He grabbed her hand where blood had congealed and his eyes rounded as he took in the splatters of it on her white shirt.
'It's nothing. A savage paper cut.'
'Why are you in your car at lunch?' He looked around the car.

The Arrival
Gem tracked her thumb over the glass face of her watch, scratched and dull after two decades of continuous use. Her knee jogged while time shimmered, stretched, and hung like the persistent summer light. It was seven o'clock. She stabbed the steel straw through the lemon and lime slivers and watched the juice sacs bob to the surface.
'I'm forty-three and still here.' She raised her glass to the accompaniment of swirling, cracking ice cubes. Above the rim of the glass, she caught glimpses of her neighbours through the palings of her gate: the wire door across the road springing on its hinges, owners and pets dawdling on the sidewalk, children sailing by on scooters, and someone wheeling s sparkly bicycle toward a shed.

Silent Waters
Ricky Woods ached to go home and put the day behind her, but the present investigation into Gemma, a married woman in her early fifties, intruded into her thoughts. Gemma was the same age Ricky's mother had been when she passed away. She gazed at the thin strip of star-studded sky squeezed between the silos and wondered where Gemma was.

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The arrival

Thankyou I read this book at my book club we all found it to be a great plot , we look forward to your next books